83bpm, 4:10min, mid- tempo, female vocal, smooth electronic, good feeling, desire, sultry, sexy, longing

Someday Girl Vol 2, multiple genres from songwriting duo Someday Girl featuring vocalist/lyricist Amanda Abizaid and instrument programmer/musician Lindsay Gillis.
All tracks are available for TV/Film/Commercial use.

Someday Girl Vol 2//Someday Girl//For more Info Contact Amanda Abizaid// www.somedaygirl.com // One-Stop (yes)//Amanda Abizaid (50%, Abizaid Publishing, ASCAP), Lindsay Gillis (50%, BMI)//Master Owners: Amanda Abizaid (50%), Lindsay Gillis (50%) Track 7: (100%, Peer International Corp, SOCAN)//Master Owners: Donovan Leitch (100%)

Album Song Descriptions - all female vocal
1) All Things Small - acoustic world, up-tempo
2) Beautiful Day - singer songwriter, mid-tempo
3) Love Starvation - cabaret, slow-tempo
4) More Than You Know - smooth electronic, mid-tempo
5) Planets In The Sky - indie electronic rock, mid-tempo
6) Undone - singer songwriter, slow-tempo
7) Season Of The Witch - indie electronic pop rock, mid-tempo
8) She Runs - indie electronic rock, up-tempo
9) Grampa Joe's Chair - singer songwriter, slow-tempo
10) Victoria's Secret - gypsy jazz dance, up-tempo
11) What Comes Around Goes Around - rock & soul, mid-tempo